Sunday, March 13, 2005

Edgewood Marketing, INC info

Edgewood Marketing, INC
750 N Orleans Ste 001

Chicago, IL 60610
Telephone: (312) 944-3343
Fax: (312) 944-3344

Edgewood Marketing Inc. is a Cydcor Affiliate scam

I recently applied for an entry level marketing position for Edgewood Marketing Inc., a company located in Chicago. I applied on Upon being interviewed by the manager, Luke St. Germaine, he told me that the company did advertisement work for Fortune 500 companies and most of the work involved becoming an account manager. Little did I know that becoming a manager was nothing more than door to door sales, showing business owners pamphlets and coupons for Quill Office Supplies, a competitor to Office Depot. Also, the individual Chris Nelson (sales Rep), took me door to door to solicit businesses with signs on their windows saying "no soliciting". One woman threatened to call the police, while many others asked many times for Chris to leave. In every Solicitation, Chris said that he represented Quill Office Supplies.
Here's the real scam. Luke St. Germaine the office manager made several claims to entice me. I was directly told that I would receive a starting salary between $22,000-$45,000 to become a Marketing Account Manager. This Is Lie! It is a 100% sales commission job with no car allowance, health insurance, or salary. I was told by Luke St. Germaine the office manager, I could realistically become a Office branch owner with Edgewood Marketing Inc. and make over a $100,000 U.S. annually. I was told that Quill Office Supplies hired Edgewood Marketing to represent them, and that they were also partners with Monsterboard.
I also felt victimized in the sense that I had no clue that the ride along program was a 9 hour door to door sales experience without a solicitor’s licence. I was misled into believing that we were going to do professional training to become a corporate marketing account manager. Little did I know that all we would do is merely bum-rush businesses in a given sector and try to sell them office supplies. This company is fraudulent, and aggressive.
Also, interviews never last 9 hours. I feel extremely taken advantage of, and the company never offered anything for my time. The least they could have done was take me out to lunch. But no, they made me pay for that as well. Someone really needs to find a way to punish Edgewood Marketing Inc.and all it's associates.... (GGC/Meriam Marketing AKA CYDCOR)